Every fire hydrant should be inspected at least twice a year, spring and fall, to satisfy the manufacturer’s recommendation. Annual inspections warrant a fire hydrant’s dependability, moreover inspections ensure a hydrant performs accordingly during emergency situations. Don’t risk a sticky valve happening when a fire turns up in your neighborhood. Call the experts at Hydra Contracting today to establish a regular maintenance schedule and verify the operability of your systems.

Serving the Phoenix and Mesa, Arizona areas, Hydra Contracting professionals can take excellent care of your hydrant problems.

The Importance of Fire Hydrants

  • Aids in construction and fire fighting
  • Supports road and street cleaning
  • Enables the flushing of sewer mains and distribution systems
  • Allows for the determination of baseline flow, pH, calibration, and turbidity of water
  • Helps in recognizing the location of issue prone areas

Benefits of a Fire Hydrant Preventative Maintenance Program

  • Decreases cost of hydrant and component replacement
  • Reduces distribution leaks and associated costs
  • Limits system downtime
  • Guarantees response call and operation
  • Heightens community’s fire protection rating
  • Improves water quality management and visibly reassures customers
  • Advances inventory management and removes defective hydrants from the system
  • Ensures compliance with AZ regulations

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