Is It Advisable for Facilities and Municipalities to Have a Maintenance Contract for Hydrants?

Interviewer: Do you offer maintenance contracts?

David Munoz: Yes, we do repair them and we do offer a maintenance contract with the customers if they want it. Some accept it, some don’t. They decide,
“Well, this time it broke down. We’ll just call you again when it breaks down again.”

Maintenance Contracts Save Money in the Long Term while Ensuring That Life-Saving Apparatus Is in Good Working order

Sometimes we’ll get a call back and then we’ll do the maintenance. It all depends on the customer. It is an individual choice what he wants to spend or what he wants to do.

Actually, it’s a pretty inexpensive fee to maintenance a hydrant, believe it or not. You could probably maintenance a hydrant on a 30-day calendar for a cost probably less than a cup of coffee a day, to be quite honest with you. It will save you thousands of dollars in the future.

Well-Maintained Hydrants Have a Lifespan of 5o to 60 Years

When you have a hydrant that’s well maintained, you extend the life of a hydrant maybe by a good 50% to 60%. If you have a hydrant that’s not maintained very well, you basically reduce the life of that hydrant about 30% to 40%.

If you don’t do any maintenance on the average hydrant it will start giving you trouble in the first 10 years of installation. Usually the life of a hydrant is approximately around 50 to 60 years—providing you have them maintained properly.

Depending on what happened to the hydrant, even if a hydrant gets hit by a car and they knock off the head of the hydrant, those hydrants can still be repaired for less money than installing a new hydrant 90% of the time. This is because they’re designed to break off.

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